Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (AdMiGov) (click on the link for the project website)


AdMiGov is a Horizon2020 Consortium project funded by the EU and running from 2019 to  2023 coordinated by Anja van Heelsum. The AdMiGov Consortium consisted of 13 partners with in total of 54 researchers, who are based in Western Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark), South and Eastern Europe (Spain, Greece, Poland) and outside the EU (Turkey, Lebanon, Ethiopia).

In the 4 years of the project, many of the relevant policy problems in the field of migration get detailed attention, with the end goal of developing indicators of ‘good’ migration governance.

More information can be found on the project website.

The overview of all AdMiGov output is listed here.

Here you find a short video presentation “Introducting the Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (Admigov) Project” by Anja van Heelsum, published on the UvA Kaltura Video Platform in February 2021.

Anja is also the co-organiser of the Webinar Series “Zooming in on Migration and Asylum”.

Besides the official AdMiGov output, there have been articles, workshops and paper presentations at conferences:

  • Kiriscioglu, E. & A. van Heelsum (2024) Stuck in a Whirlpool? The Role of Hope and Despair in Dealing with Risks During Afghan Migration Journeys, Journal of Refugee Studies,
  • Doomernik, J. & A. van Heelsum (2024) The Poor Integration Results of the Common European Asylum System compared to the Temporary Protection Directive: the Case of the Netherlands. Journal of International Migration and Integration (JIMI). DOI : 10.1007/s12134-024-01155-8
  • Heelsum, A. van (2023) workshop organiser “Good” Migration Governance”, ADMIGOV workshop at the 19th Annual IMISCOE conference in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Heelsum, A. van (2022) workshop organiser “Migration and Development “, ADMIGOV workshop on work package 6 at the 18th Anual IMISCOE conference in Oslo, Norway
  • Heelsum, A. van (2020) workshop organise, “Advancing Alternative Migration Governance”, workshop at the 16th Anual IMISCOE conference 26-28 June 2020, in Malmo, Sweden
  • Heelsum, A. van (2019) Migration decisions in the transit situation: what determines the onward move? Paper presented at 26th International Conference of European Studies, Madrid, Spain.
  • Heelsum, A. van (2018) Transit Migration of refugees in Ethiopia explained: Safety, Livelihood and Aspirations. Paper for the Conference of Ethiopian Studies, Mek’ele 1-5 October 2018.
  • Heelsum, A. van  (2018)The Aspirations Approach and its use in situations of Transit. Paper presented at the 14th IMISCOE Conference in Barcelona, Spain, 2-4 July 2018.
  • Heelsum, A. van  (2018) Transit Migration of refugees explained: Safety, Livelihood and Aspirations. Paper presented at Paper presented at the ATINER Conference, Athens, Greece, 18-19 June 2018.